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Cell cultures have been used since the 1930’s. Today, in the 21st century, cell cultures are used in laboratories for biological research, as vectors for production of engineered molecules, and as keystones in tissue repair and renewal. Today’s profound knowledge of cell biology allows researchers to better comprehend genetics and the foundations of life. This knowledge base and the efficiency of cell culture, using CelartiaTM products will yield tremendous gains in medicine, biotechnology and biology.  The CelartiaTM cell culture system applies scientific reasoning and sound engineering to transform the art of cell culture into a science of standardized results. Using an in-depth knowledge of research methodology and an understanding of the industrial and medical need for cell cultures, CelartiaTM scientists focus on cell biology, specifically, the creation of cutting-edges tool and procedures for growing cells in the most scientific, consistent and efficient manner.


Celartia’s mission is to provide cell culture laboratories with high technology instruments that augment efficiency, reproducibly and quality, and reduce laboratory equipment expenses and waste. Celartia improves its customers’ ability to systematically develop cells and their engineered by products for use in solving today’s toughest challenges in medical, pharmaceutical, educational, environmental and defense applications. Celartia delivers the most effective cell culture devices for differentiated and stem cell culture, cell genome engineering, cellular proteomics analysis and tissue engineering.

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